Wilde Wit Competition


“I am frequently misquoted – often accurately.”

Who doesn’t love a good Oscar Wilde quote? The problem is that many sayings attributed to Oscar are things he never said. In fact, the quip above isn’t from Wilde at all — it’s from Darcy Alexander Corstorphine, winner of last year’s Wilde Wit Competition, put on by The Oscar Wilde Society in conjunction with The Oldie.

Now we invite you to enter your own Wildean witticisms in our second Wilde Wit Competition. The competition is open to anyone. Entries will be judged by the Oscar Wilde Society’s committee, who are looking for that special blend of wit and elegantly stated truth.

Three winners will receive Wildeana, the new compendium of previously unpublished anecdotes, epigrams, asides and accounts, signed by its editor, Oscar Wilde Society patron Matthew Sturgis. The winners will have their quotes featured in Intentions, the newsletter of the Oscar Wilde Society, and in The Oldie. And we have a surprise in store for our winners as well.

How to enter:

  • Submit your entries using the form below
  • Enter by November 30, 2020
  • Enter as often as you like – members and non-members can enter

Want some inspiration? Here are last year’s other winners:

  • “To learn from experience is good – to learn from someone else’s experience is better.” — Colin Mayo (second place, tie)
  • “An insult from the right person can be quite as agreeable as any compliment.” — Darcy Alexander Corstorphine (second place, tie)
  • “All great art is the result of beautiful failures.” — Joke Kokkelkoren (third place)

If you have any questions, email Oscar Wilde Society Press Officer Darcy Sullivan.

Good luck!

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