Oscar Wilde Intentions
Hell is paved with good intentions
But Heaven is roofed with the best.
                             MAX BEERBOHM 

Intentions, our print magazine, is published and sent to members four times a year. It records the events and proceedings of the Society as well as items of wider interest to Wildeans, such as plays, exhibitions and new books. Future Society events and booking information for these are always published in Intentions, which is an illustrated publication, only available to Oscar Wilde Society members.

To give a flavour of Intentions, edition 107 reviewed the rehearsed reading of Oscar’s People, a new conversation piece by Neil Titley; reported on an Oscar Wilde conference in Sweden; and included an article by Dominic Dromgoole about the Classic Spring Theatre season. It also announced the publication date of our Honorary Patron Matthew Sturgis’s book Oscar: A Life.

Four recent covers of Intentions (shown below) have featured photographs from the Classic Spring productions of Oscar Wilde’s society comedies. In each case the editor chose the best frock seen in the production!

Contributions and suggestions for inclusion are welcome. Please get in touch with the editor Vanessa Heron.

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