Changes to Oscar Wilde Society Committee

The chairman of the Oscar Wilde Society, Don Mead, has notified the membership of changes to the committee. Here is his letter of 13 November 2023:

Dear Fellow Wildean –

I have had the honour of being, for many years (since 2002) the Chairman of a renowned literary society. The Oscar Wilde Society has the highest possible reputation and I am privileged to be part of it.

As I am approaching my 95th birthday, the time has come for me to tell you that with the agreement of the Committee I shall retire as Chairman at the end of the year. I will continue my involvement with the work of the Society in a non-executive capacity as Vice-President and as a Consultant Editor of The Wildean.

My successor as Chairman from 1st January 2024 is Vanessa Heron. She will step down from her current position as Hon. Secretary but continue to edit Intentions.

Elizabeth Murphy will take over as Hon Secretary and continue to be Data Protection Officer. Robert Whelan will continue to be Deputy Chairman.

Vanessa joined the OWS in 1993 and has served at various times as Hon Treasurer and as Hon Secretary – as she is now. She was appointed Editor of Intentions in 2016. She is well known to many of you from OWS events and through her involvement with the Society’s Facebook pages and Twitter/ X.

I warmly welcome her appointment.

With my best wishes –

Donald Mead
Chairman, The Oscar Wilde Society