Wilde Wit Competition

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Oscar Wilde was a brilliant wit, constantly quoted — and misquoted. It turns out people have been putting words in Wilde’s mouth for years, and the rise of social media has spread these faux mots far and wide.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken,” is one feel-good aphorism commonly attributed to Wilde, but he never wrote it or said it. Nor did he say, “Why was I born with such contemporaries?” That one was Shaw’s.

Now it’s your turn. The Oscar Wilde Society, in conjunction with The Oldie, are running a Wilde Wit Competition. Participants will write their own Wilde witticism. Entries will be judged by the Society’s committee, with the winners being those sayings that sound most like something Oscar would have said, with additional points given for originality (which may seem like a Wildean paradox!).

Three prizes will be given, including signed copies of books about Oscar Wilde, including Oscar: A Life, the new biography by Matthew Sturgis. The winners will have their quotes featured in Intentions, the newsletter of the Oscar Wilde Society, and in The Oldie. The winning quotations will also be gracefully displayed with a photo of Oscar on our website (though, to avoid confusion, we will have to reveal they are frauds!).

Enter your submission below before the deadline, which is April 27, 2019. You can enter as many submissions as you like.

Good luck